More Time for More Adventures…

Just a quick update to let our readers know we are staying in Bellingham for at least a few more months. We are very excited about this! Logos has decided to keep Jimmy and me on through the end of November. We have really enjoyed our summer working with the incredible folks at Logos and are thankful for the opportunity to continue working with them a bit longer. The work has been both challenging and rewarding and we feel extremely blessed to be doing something we love and have trained for through many years of school.

A year ago we were in a pretty tough spot and struggling to know what the next step would be in our life. We had finished our MABL degrees and were having trouble finding jobs in Houston. Working at Logos had long been a dream of ours so we were overjoyed when we learned about the summer internships. We are even more ecstatic now that we are getting to hang around a bit longer. Even if we only get a couple of months here, we are thankful for what God is doing in us during this time. We are ESPECIALLY thankful for the relationships we have made and the old ones that are becoming more seasoned.

In addition to loving the work we have been doing, as I’m sure you can tell, we absolutely LOVE living in Bellingham. Washington has proved to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Our lifestyle has taken a dramatic change from when we were living in Houston. Nowadays we spend almost every weekend outdoors exploring some new place. Tomorrow we are taking the ferry to Orca Island for a 3-hour guided kayak tour around Doughty Point (thanks to Groupon!). I personally feel like I am getting healthier and stronger, which was something I sorely needed. Many of you know that I struggle with anxiety-related issues and though it hasn’t completely disappeared, our new lifestyle has made a huge improvement to the way I handle anxiety and the physical affects are much less apparent. I am hopeful that the better shape I am in the better I will feel overall. This is a huge accomplishment from 7 months ago when I was at my worst when Bo, my beloved dog of 11 years, died.

So, in other big news, Jimmy is turning 30 next weekend!!! To celebrate we are going camping for the weekend with some of our friends. We are really looking forward to our first camping trip up here and to many more outdoor excursions in the future. Never would I have thought that I would want to go backpacking and rough it in the wilderness! One of my bigger goals is something like a multi-day backpacking trip in Whistler, B.C. We’ll see if that actually happens!

Last weekend we went biking on Lummi Island and we hiked down to Clayton Beach so I have lots of pictures to post, but I’ll wait until tomorrow after I have some pics from our kayaking expedition. I bought a waterproof case that goes around your neck so I could capture some good action photos while we are kayaking. Hopefully I do not lose my phone in the ocean!

Stay tuned for more adventures,


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